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Lilium /original vintage wax seal stamp

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I like to plant flowers and plants.This year, the lily plants are too tall in the garden, so I had to pull them out.

But I do miss the time when they blossomed, they were so beautiful and fragrant.

This Lilium was made to commemorate the plants.Lilium is: passion, love, happiness, and warmth. 


Measures 1" / 2.5cm in diameter- Stands 2.4" / 6cm tall,with wood handle

- Packaged in a rice paper bag

- If your order include a gift message, I'll write the message on a small handmade card.

A great way to add a personal touch to your projects - wrapping presents,also a good gift for paper lover, journaling, traveler‘’s notebook, scrapbooks, parties, cardmaking, etc!


Copyright © 2018 Jia Wu, All rights reserved
Each wax seal stamp design limited edition of 500
How do you added to golden highlight on the wax ?
Please look at the last photo of item, or access guide.
Please Note: Counterfeits of my artwork have been coming out , China.

Thank you very much for supporting my original artwork.
Your support is invaluable to me and my continued artwork.
Sorry I do not sell sealing waxes and do not make custom wax seal stamps.
If you find something you want is sold out, don't worry, It's on the way back.

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