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Hello, I’m Jia Wu, welcom to JWuMoments Studio.

I’m a graphic designer & a landscape photographer, and multi-award winner of international photography competitions.

I’m living in the United States, love traveling and experiencing the different cultures of the land.

In 2017, I founded J Wu Studio in my spare time, in 2020 change name to JWuMomets Studio, designing some little things for people with similar hobbies and interests. Hoping that my original design works will bring comfort and beauty to your lives.

  • Graphic designer 、Photographer
  • Member of  Photographic Society of America(PSA)
  • China Animation Association of Suzhou
Please tag me in your related post, or use the tag #jwumoments share your beautiful wirks.

华人小伙伴可以叫我吉娜,也可以直接叫我 Jia

我在2017年创建了J Wu Studio,后来在2020年由于注册商标,工作室正式改名为 JWuMoments Studio. 品牌为JWu Moments

如果您用Instagram,请在相关帖子中标记我,或者打上标签 #jwumoments 就不会错过您的可爱作品啦。