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Sealing wax beads | 40 colors include cloudy white

$7.20 USD

01- dusty rose
02- avocado green
03- cadet blue
04- cinnabar
05- parrot green
06- niagara blue
07- sky blue
08- heather purple
09- orchid purple
10- light teal
11- steel blue
12- onyx
13- yellow
14- pale mint
15- warm pink
16- baby pink
17- silver green
18- silver gray
19- fern green
20- light purple
21- bahama blue
22- pink dune
23- burgundy
24- royal blue
25- stormy blue
26- violet
27- lilac
28- white
29- black
30- mahogany red
31- rusty red
32- gold
33- silver
34- dull gold
35- champagne gold
36- orange gold
37- bronze
38- brass
39- shimmery brown
40- cloudy white
mix color
The wax beads are easily melted over an open flame. Simply place the wax beads in your sealing wax spoon, hold the spoon over your open flame, and when ready pour the melted wax onto your project.

Choose from 40 different sealing wax colors from the menu’s options.
Pricing is for an individual bag.

Orders ship from New Jersey, USA. and Wax beads shipping within the USA only

*********WHAT YOU GET*********

100 Sealing Wax Beads per pack.
This will make approximately 33 seals for 1" in diameter wax seal stamp.

*********HOW MANY BEADS DO I NEED*********

3 wax beads makes one seal, for 1" (25mm) in diameter wax seal stamp.
4-5 wax beads makes one seal, for 1 3/16" in diameter wax seal stamp.

*********WAX MELTING KIT*********

The kit comes with melting spoon & spoon base & tea light candle. Add separately to cart:

*********HOW TO USE*********

1. Place 3 wax beads in your sealing wax spoon

2. Hold your wax spoon above an open flame to melt the beads,
handheld spoon or rest it on the spoon base, until the wax melts to a
thick honey-like consistency.
(Please note do not overheat your wax. If the wax becomes too thin, it
will not create a good impression.)

3. Pour your melted wax onto your project and emboss it with wax seal
stamp. Hold your wax stamp 3 - 5 seconds in the melted wax, and then
gently remove wax stamp after the wax has cooled.

How to clean spoon? Warm the spoon to melt any residue wax, and
then wrap it inside a paper towel and rub the spoon clean.
If there is any soot covering the spoon, please use a paper towel to clean
it. Please take care to not touch the hot spoon & hot wax on the paper towel while cleaning!


- Mix wax colors to create more fun combinations.
- Pair with our spoon base for easy desktop use.
- Using the wax seal stamp on something like parchment paper, or a silicone mat, will make it easier to peel off the seal. Then apply glue on the back of the seal before affixing it to your project.

These sealing wax beads are the good way to add retro style and get creative with your envelopes, gift wrapping or snail mail.

- If the wax seal stamp does not create a clear impression in the wax, it might be because the wax seal stamp is not cold enough. I have found a method to help keep the wax seal stamp cool, between stamping.

Since this method exposes your wax seal stamp to water, please ensure you clean your wax seal stamp according to the care card included with your order.

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